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LOS ANGELES, Sept 27 (Reuters) - Steven Spielberg has directed dozens of award-winning movies in a 40-year career, but when it came to Pinoy TV HD Serials turning the cameras on himself he found the attention pretty uncomfortable.

The double Oscar winner, who has directed films like "Schindler's List," "Jaws" and "Saving Private Ryan," is the subject of a documentary for HBO Pinoy TV HD Serials based on more than 30 hours of interviews with Spielberg, his family and friends.

"It's a very interesting experience being the subject of a film when I have spent my entire career seeking subjects for my films. And to be suddenly be in that hot seat - for me it was both intimidating and daunting," Spielberg told reporters at the Pinoy TV HD Serials documentary's Los Angeles premiere on Tuesday.

Spielberg, 70, said director Susan Lacy got him to Pinoy TV HD Serials open up about what inspires his films, although it's not a subject he spends much energy on himself.

"I don't spend a lot of time in any kind of self-analysis. In a way, I let the films do that. And I let you figure out me through those Pinoy TV HD Serials.

The documentary also features interviews with many of those who have worked with Spielberg or been influenced by his work, including Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey, Harrison Ford, Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese and Pinoy TV HD Serials.

Apple's iPhone 4 has revolutionized mobile devices with the wide variety of additional services and features usable through the extensive collection of downloadable applications. All smart phones created since the popularity of the original Pinoy TV HD Serials have modeled their designs and usage after the system that Apple established.

Other companies have been quick to design apps to be used on the iPhone 4 to increase their consumer base. One of the newest and handiest of these tools is Netflix, which now allows one to watch movies and television shows right off their Pinoy TV HD Serials.

Netflix is, of course, the business that sends you DVDs through the mail in lieu of having to go to video rental stores. What many people don't realize about Netflix, however, is that they no longer just send DVDs through the mail. In the past several years, Pinoy TV HD Serials has begun implementing a movie streaming service.

This service originally allowed you to watch a selection of their movies through the Netflix website, but that was only the beginning. Now they've started to allow streaming through a variety of other objects as well. Home video game consoles now offer streaming straight to your TV, and now Netflix is moving forward on taking this service to mobile devices, including the Pinoy TV HD Serials.

This Apple iPhone 4 free downloadable app connects you straight to Pinoy TV HD Serials and allows you to watch anything from their streaming catalog straight onto your phone.

To make use of this I phone 4 free app, you do need to have an existing account with Netflix. This is a simple process, though, as it only takes minutes to Pinoy TV HD Serials set up an account and even their cheapest plans come with free unlimited The Good Son.

Their streaming library does not include every movie they have available on DVD, but a selection of movies they have been authorized to allow instant access to their customers. Even though their streaming service is limited in its movies, there are hundreds and hundreds of movies and television shows Pinoy TV HD Serials with more being added all the time.

The Netflix app lets you peruse their vast catalog of streaming Pinoy TV HD Serials and select the one you wish to watch on your phone. Long commutes on planes or in cars will be made much more tolerable with a huge library of movies to keep you occupied.

You should take note of your data plan on your Pinoy TV HD Serials, however, since these movies can take up a good deal of bandwidth. If you have a high volume or unlimited data plan, you won't run into any problems, but if you have a much more limited plan, you may want to upgrade before you start streaming movies to your phone.

The Apple iPhone 4 free Pinoy TV HD Serials application is a great tool that will revolutionize how we watch movies. With the ever growing library of movies and television shows available on Netflix, and the ease of use provided on an iPhone 4, you'll be streaming your favorite movies in no time at all.

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